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Good Finance Bank since May 2017 is introducing a new offer for housing loans. The promotion is based on minimizing the so-called cross-sell, i.e. minimizing the requirement for additional products with the loan. Banks wanting to earn must also sell a commission and other additional products such as insurance, which are not welcome by customers.

To meet the expectations of Good Finance Bank

To meet the expectations of Good Finance Bank

It used a different tactic and we can run a loan that will be free of other products and the only cost will be the bank’s margin. Of course, if we want, we have the opportunity to choose 2 additional variants, but they are optional:

  • the first optional option is a reduction of the margin from 0.3% when the customer sets up an account and debit card and will make purchases for a minimum of USD 500 / month.
  • the second optional variant is similar to the first, except that it is required to transfer remuneration to the Good Finance account. We also need to trade a debit card for a minimum of USD 500 / month.

The products listed above are not burdensome and costly so it is worth considering such a choice because a lower margin over many years is a big saving. Below is a list of margins presented in the table. The values ​​are initial and for variants, I or II, 0.3% or 0.5% reductions are possible, respectively.

Current margin table from May 1, 2017, until the end of the promotion:

The margin at Bank Good Finance is not the lowest


However, if we consider that there is no commission for granting and for early repayment. There is no additional insurance that increases the cost of the loan. The interest rate remains here and it is a great option for those who plan to repay or overpay the loan faster. Also in a situation when we buy a plot for a mortgage and plan to build on it and also take a loan.

This is important because in a situation when the bank that financed us the plot refuses and we will have to take in another. Then we will not pay any commission when paying off the mortgage.

Good Finance Bank grants mortgage loans only in USD. As you can see in the table, we can also apply for a mortgage, i.e. a loan for any purpose to secure the land. The bank also finances the purchase of an apartment and the construction of a house. We can also apply for consolidation or refinancing loans depending on the needs.

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